3 Tips For More Efficiently Organizing And Using Your Storage Unit

If you use a storage facility to store your excess or rarely used belongings, you are in good company. Almost 9% of households in the United States currently use self-storage and nearly nine out of 10 individual storage units are in use. It only makes sense that maximizing the space within your unit is crucial in order to get the most significant benefit from renting the space. Therefore, the following options will help you store as much of your stuff as possible within the space found in self-storage units.

#1-Avoid Cardboard Boxes And Garbage Bags

When retrieving or accessing the belongings in a storage unit, one common problem is often the way those items are packaged. For example, it is easy to find empty boxes from many retailers and heavy-duty garbage bags have frequently been used to contain items when moving.

However, garbage bags are difficult to label for efficient viewing and are prone to ripping. Cardboard boxes do not always withstand a lot of movement. As a result, it is a better idea to use sturdier items that can be easily marked and identified, as explained below.

#2-Choose Plastic Boxes Or Totes In At Least Four Different Colors

Another common complaint from people about their storage units is that when the items have been stored and moved around several times over the course of a year or more, it is difficult to remember exactly where specific items are located. Fortunately, there are many different shades of totes and large, plastic boxes that you can choose from.

By using a different color to represent the season of the items contained within each unit, it will be easier to keep track of all of your belongings. It is also important to point out that permanent markers can also be used to mark the contents of your new plastic totes, which can be challenging with plastic bags.

#3-Make A Chart Documenting The Contents And Location Of Each Plastic Box

Even with color coating each plastic box and clearly marking its contents, there is still the possibility of forgetting where specific items are located. For example, if you need a certain book or photo album, you obviously should not have to go through three boxes containing similar items until you finally find what you need.

As a result, it will be helpful to create a chart that lists where each box goes and its approximate contents. One example would be photo albums for specific years in one tote and classic hardcover books in alphabetical order in another.

In conclusion, effective use of your self-storage facility is vital in order to get the most value for the space you are renting. If you want to be able to quickly and easily access the items you need from your storage unit at any time, apply the above organizational tips in your storage unit. Once everything is packed, marked, organized and listed, you will find that your storage unit is easier to use. For more information about self-storage, click here.