With No Contracts, Self-Storage Can Help You In These Three Short-Term Situations

If you've ever rented a unit at a self-storage facility, you know the benefit of having extra space to store your possessions. What you might not realize, however, is that many storage businesses do not ask their customers to sign minimum contracts, which means you don't necessarily need to be in a unit for a specific length of time. This approach can come in handy at a number of different times in which access to a storage unit for just a couple months or even a period of weeks can help you. Here are three situations that renting a unit for a brief amount of time can benefit you.

Middle Phase Of A Move

Many homeowners experience a period of weeks in limbo during a move in which the closing dates on each home don't line up and they find themselves out of their old home but not yet able to move into the new home. In this situation, you'll likely find yourself crashing with family, but you can't arrive with a truck containing all your possessions. Relocating everything you don't immediately need into a storage unit until you're able to move into the new residence drastically reduces the hassle of the already-stressful time you're without a home. Once you close on the new home, all you need to do is empty out the storage unit.

Major Home Reno

Small home renovations can be a little disruptive, but if you're having major work done, you can expect a short-term inconvenience for a long-term gain. During this time, furniture and other household accessories can get in the way of the contractor and also risk getting dusty or damaged. The solution can come in the form of your local self-storage facility. Empty the contents of the rooms that will be affected by the renovation, transport everything to a storage unit and you'll be content in knowing it's safely out of the way for the entirety of the project.

Elderly Family Member Moving Into Care Home

If you're helping an elderly family member move into a care facility, you'll likely also be readying his or her home for sale. If you've decided that hiring a home stager will give the home a mode modern appearance that will increase the selling price, it's advantageous to move the person's furniture and other items into a storage unit. With everything gathered in the spot, the stager can get to work and you can decide what you'll do with the person's items if they're no longer needed.

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