3 Interesting Uses For Reclaimed Storage Trailers

There is no doubt about it, if you are looking for function and convenience in storage, storage trailers are an incredible investment. These storage containers can be moved with ease and hauled around to suit their owner on the back of a semi-truck, on a ship, or even on a train if necessary. If you happen  to come across a used storage trailer that is no longer needed by its owner, this is one structure worth buying and taking home to use on your own property. Beyond convenient storage capabilities, storage trailers can be used for some fairly interesting purposes around the average residential property. 

Convert the storage trailer into a new garage. 

The average storage trailer is just the right width to drive a car right inside. Therefore, these containers make an excellent makeshift garage to situate on your property. You can swap out the hinged doors for a garage door and even add windows for more natural light if you prefer. The best part about using a storage container as a garage is teh fact that if you move, teh container can just be loaded on the back of a truck and taken to your new location. 

Bury the storage trailer and create an underground shelter. 

The steel construction of storage containers make them ideal for use as an outlying shell for an underground shelter. Contract an excavator to dig out a sufficient space on your property and have the storage trailer crane lifted into place. Once situated, the storage container can be completely buried without additional overhead support because the solid ceiling will hold up the heft of a thick layer of topsoil and vegetation. The inside of the trailer can be altered to be more accommodating with the addition of shelves, bunks, water tanks, and even heating and cooling if you prefer. 

Use the storage trailer for your livestock. 

If you live on a small farm with horses or cattle, a storage trailer is the perfect makeshift shelter for your animals and can be ready to go in a matter of days. You can open up one side of the trailer to give the animals easy access within a coral. If you need more space than what one trailer can provide, the trailers can be situated side by side and an opening cut out inside to allow the animals to have more room to move around while they are in their new shelter. 

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