5 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh While In Storage

Putting clothing in storage can be a great way to gain extra space at home while keeping your clothing in good shape until you need them again. While a storage unit can be a secure option, it is still important that you make sure to take some extra precautions so that your clothes stay smelling fresh in storage.

Wash Everything Before Going in Storage

The first thing you want to do before loading up your storage unit is give all of your clothing a good wash. You don't want anything to go into storage dirty since it can make odors linger and small spills or dirty marks become stains.

Make Sure Everything is Thoroughly Dry

Although you need to give all of your clothing a good wash before going into storage, you need to make sure that nothing is dry. Even if the clothing is only slightly wet, this can lead to mold growth that can ruin your clothing entirely. Letting everything dry and packing carefully in a plastic tote or vacuum-sealed bag can help make mold growth impossible.

Use a Fragrance Sack for Your Clothes

An effective way to keep your clothes smelling great is by tucking in a fragrance sack. A small linen sack containing some kind of scented filler can help make a big difference in how your clothes smell when removing them from storage. From dried lavender to potpourri or even a few drops of essential oils, you can control what kind of scent your clothing has.

Opt for a Climate Controlled Unit

While making sure that all your clothing is dry when put in storage is helpful for preventing mold and mildew, you should go the extra mile and make sure that the storage unit has climate control. Climate control will ensure that there is plenty of circulation and that the storage unit will not be too humid or cold for your clothes.

Store the Clothing on Rotation

Another key thing to remember when storing clothes long-term is that most fabrics should not be kept in a box for years. Getting rid of things that you no longer wear is a good idea, along with using a self storage unit only for seasonal clothing so that everything is rotated out.

Taking some time to get your clothes ready for storage can help make a big difference in the condition there and how they smell when removing them later.