4 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Belongings To Your Storage Unit

When you are moving your belongings into a storage unit with the help of professional movers, you want to be sure that you are heavily prepared. This is going to guarantee that you save time, money, and protect your belongings, as well. Many people make these four common mistakes that prevent them from being prepared on the moving day: Not Knowing if the Truck Will Fit: First off, you want to be sure that the moving truck is going to fit inside of the facility. [Read More]

3 Questions You Need To Ask When Renting A Storage Unit

Storage units come in handy when moving to another area and looking for a new place to live. They also work great when you need to minimize the amount of stuff you have in your home to give you more space. With storage unit facilities being so readily available, you need to make sure you choose the right one for your specific wants and needs. If you aren't sure what storage unit facility to choose, here are a couple questions you can ask to help you make an informed decision. [Read More]

Keeping Your Storage Unit Dry

If you are in need of a spot to store items temporarily, you may look into renting a storage unit. These enclosed spaces can be a safe spot for your belongings as long as some precautions are taken in helping to maintain the amount of humidity they may contain. Here is some advice on how to keep your storage unit free of excess moisture so your belongings do not suffer from damage. [Read More]

Tips For Safely Using Self-Storage

Self-storage units provide an easy accessible location for you to store your belongings. Using storage requires more than just putting as much as you can into your unit. There are dos and don'ts to storage that should be observed to get the most from your unit and avoid damages to your belongings. What Should You Do? When using storage, there are some steps you should take to ensure the safety of your belongings. [Read More]