3 Reasons To Rent From An Indoor Storage Facility

One of the most useful types of storage facility to rent from is an indoor facility, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide that a traditional outdoor facility simply cannot match. An indoor storage facility usually consists of one large building with the individual storage units located inside the building rather than being spread out amongst multiple smaller buildings as is the case with an outdoor storage facility. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider renting from an indoor facility.

A Lot Of Security

The single biggest reason to rent from an indoor storage facility is that they provide an unparalleled level of security. The most common security features utilized by an indoor storage facility are surveillance cameras and on-site security guards that patrol the facility regularly.

In addition, these facilities increase security by closing their doors at a set time. While this may be inconvenient for anyone that wants to access their items whenever they want, it does increase security by having a staff member present at all times when people are entering the facility. This is because the staff can ensure that only customers are accessing the facility and the individual units.

Indoor Loading And Unloading Areas

Another reason to consider an indoor storage facility is that they will often offer an indoor or covered area for you to load your items into your vehicle or to transfer the items to your storage unit. This is quite useful as you will be able to move your items without having to expose them to the elements if you need to pick up or drop off items during a rainy or snowy day. 

Climate-Controlled Units

Finally, an indoor storage facility is a great option if you need or want a lot of control over the temperature within your individual unit. While many outdoor facilities do offer climate-controlled units, the temperature is typically set for the buildings rather than the individual units. However, the indoor facilities will often allow you to set the temperature on a unit by unit basis.

This is incredibly useful for storing items that can be a bit susceptible to shifts in temperature. For example, many computer components and other electronics can be severely damaged if they are stored in a hot place for extended periods of time.

Contact an indoor storage facility today in order to discuss the many ways in which they can assist you. These facilities can provide highly secure and climate-controlled units along with indoor loading and unloading areas. Contact a storage facility, such as Glenbrook Self Storage, for more information.