4 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Belongings To Your Storage Unit

When you are moving your belongings into a storage unit with the help of professional movers, you want to be sure that you are heavily prepared. This is going to guarantee that you save time, money, and protect your belongings, as well. Many people make these four common mistakes that prevent them from being prepared on the moving day:

  1. Not Knowing if the Truck Will Fit: First off, you want to be sure that the moving truck is going to fit inside of the facility. If not, then you are going to have to pack outside of the facility, which can raise the cost of having professional movers help you since they will then have to work harder to get your items moved. Be sure to ask the facility manager what size truck will fit so that you can be sure the movers you hire will have a truck that is the right size. 
  2. Not Providing Unloading Directions: Although the professional movers will be doing most of the work for you, you should still be guiding them as to how you would like your stuff moved. This is going to prevent damage, as well as ensure that your storage unit stays organized. If the movers move your belongings with any direction of where to put it all, it can lead to a disorganized storage unit that is difficult to maneuver around. 
  3. Not Having Enough Space: It's always best to pack your things in boxes to determine more accurately how much space you are going to need in a storage unit. This will help you choose the right size storage unit and ensure that you do not have to make other arrangements on moving day. If you arrive and your items won't fit in your storage unit, you will not only have to ask the movers to take the extra belongings elsewhere, but it is also going to cost you even more in moving costs. 
  4. Not Moving During a Slow Day: Moving on a busy day, which would be during a holiday or on a weekend isn't exactly a mistake, but you should definitely avoid it if you can. Not only is this going to cost more in moving costs, but you are also going to have to work around everyone else trying to get their stuff into their storage unit. This can take up some unnecessary time, as well. 

When you avoid these four common mistakes, you can be sure that moving your items into storage goes as smoothly as possible.