Keeping Your Storage Unit Dry

If you are in need of a spot to store items temporarily, you may look into renting a storage unit. These enclosed spaces can be a safe spot for your belongings as long as some precautions are taken in helping to maintain the amount of humidity they may contain. Here is some advice on how to keep your storage unit free of excess moisture so your belongings do not suffer from damage.

Check The Unit Beforehand

Before you commit to renting a storage unit, visit the facility and ask to see the exact unit you would be given if you decide to go ahead and sign the rental contract. The manager should allow you to take a look and you can take this time to inspect the walls for cracks or holes. If you see some present, you can ask for another unit or ask that the manager repair the walls before you rent the area. Have a friend stand in the unit while you pour some water along the bottom of the exterior of the door to the unit. If your friend sees water coming under the door, ask to rent a different unit as this one is not moisture-proof.

Take Precautionary Steps

It is a good idea to prepare the interior of the storage unit before you bring your items inside. Set several pallets on the floor to help raise some items up a bit. Concrete flooring is often very cool. If the air outdoors hits this coolness when you open the door, some condensation may pool on the floor. Keeping items away from the moist areas will allow it to dry up quicker. If it is contained under or around boxes or furniture, it can cause them damage. Place a few bowls of charcoal briquettes, cat litter, or cedar chips in your storage unit. These will naturally trap moisture from the air, allowing your items to remain safe.

Pack Items Appropriately

It is important to make sure your items are packaged so moisture will not become a problem. Clothing should be placed in a dryer for several minutes before putting into sealed plastic storage bins. A cedar wood piece can be put in each bin to help remove moisture from fibers as well. Wood furniture should be put into furniture bags rather than wrapped in plastic. If moisture is trapped against wood, it will cause it to rot, making it one item that should have a breathable enclosure. Wipe down all items used for water activities before placing in storage so any water droplets present will be removed. To learn more, speak with a business like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.