Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Free Of Pests

If you are planning on placing items into a self-storage unit (such as one from Pearl Street Self Storage), keeping out pests will be important so your belongings do not suffer from any damage. Most self-storage units will be structurally sound in keeping pests on the outside, but there is still a risk they can run in while you are tending to your items or you can even bring them in yourself. Here are some steps to take in minimizing the risk of a pest problem inside your storage unit. 

Check Each Item Thoroughly

If you plan on bringing boxed items to your storage unit, it is a good idea to dump out the contents and wipe them down before repacking them into a new box. Older boxes that may have been sitting around in your home for a while could have spiders, ants, and other small insects harbored up inside them along with the contents. There could even be a nest of mice inside a box, tucked away out of view. Wiping down items will ensure that you remove any eggs or larvae from your belongings before bringing them to your unit.

Make Sure The Unit Is Secure

Bring a friend to the storage unit facility with you to check on the security of the space you had rented. Have them stand in the unit with the door closed with a flashlight in their hand. Pour a bottle of drinking water on the ground right in front of your storage unit so it pools up along the door. If the seal is secure, no water will get inside. If your friend notices that water does make its way inside, this means there is a gap present that could also let in insects or small rodents. Ask the manager if you can move to another unit or have them make a repair to the gasket on the bottom of the door.

Take Steps When Visiting

When you visit your unit, it is a good idea to sprinkle talcum powder along the entryway floor after you go inside. This will act as a barrier from ants as they will not cross a line of this powder. Consider sprinkling some peppermint oil along the entryway as well. This is a scent mice will shy away from. Using these things while the door is open may help keep out some unwanted guests.

Keep Attractive Items Out

Do not bring anything edible into your storage unit. This includes when you are searching for something inside the unit, as you may spill some crumbs of your snack on the unit floor. When you leave, this will become something bugs and mice will smell, making them look for a way into your unit. If you do find bugs or mice in your unit, it may be because someone else's unit has a food source inside. Alert the manager so they can do a check of neighboring spaces. They may need to call in a pest control service to remove the inhabitants afterwards.